Recipe Review: Hagrid’s Rock Cakes

Ever wonder what Rubeus Hagrid's Rock Cakes are like?

DIY Bookpage Polaroid Frames

Here's what I did to display twenty-four of our 2" x 3 1/2" photos.

Quick Wizarding Wands in Bulk

The point of these wands are that they're cheap, quick, and you can do them in bulk for parties, Harry Potter bookstore events, or so that you can toss them in handfuls to strangers (I don't recommend that last one, you might put someone's eye out).

The 7 Deadly Sins of Retail

Whether you work in retail and can commiserate, or have somehow made it through life without working with the public and need an idea of what is and isn't acceptable, this list is for you.

DIY Wands Fit For a Wizard

One of my favorite traditions we had back home at my first bookstore was Harry Potter Day. One year, when I was a little more acclimated to the store, I decided to get everyone excited for the in-store holiday by making wands. This is how!

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