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Hey there, I’m Ali J. Varden and welcome to my blog, Behind the Stacks. My blog is all things bibliophile and this is where I share my thoughts on book-selling retail (hence the name), and all things book-related, from traveling to Harry Potter World, to making Lord of the Rings recipes, to crafting wands that choose the wizard. I’m also obsessed with coffee (and honestly, what book-lover isn’t?) so I’ll probably also throw in a few places I’ve been that serve up an amazing cup of Joe.

I grew up constantly reading in Alabama and working with books is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I worked at Books-A-Million in my hometown (a place that will always hold a special place in my heart) for nearly four years. Before getting my Bachelor’s in English from the University of Montevallo, I worked on-campus in Carmichael Library and loved it. Since graduating, I have gotten married and moved to Hawaii where I currently work at Barnes & Noble in Honolulu.

I’ve spent my life so far covered in a mountain of books and writing on scraps of paper because inspiration usually comes at the busiest of times (I should really stop investing in notebooks because they’re almost never around when I need them). When I’m not reading, writing, or selling books, I’m most certainly spending time with my husband, either playing video games or finding that next amazing brunch place.

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